An Intelligent Path to Database Lock

Clean, reliable data can mean the difference between your trial’s success or its failure. At LIFEGENE, our clinical data management team’s only focus is facilitating the efficient collection and management of clinical data to give you what you need. We pride ourselves on our transparency and ability to combine the latest technologies with our collective knowledge and expertise to identify and resolve data discrepancies, ensure data quality, and develop and implement quality solutions.


  • Complete visibility and management throughout the project life cycle
  • Affordable, flexible electronic data capture (EDC) and study management software
  • EDC implementation best practices
  • Project management to ensure data quality and successful study completion
  • Case report form (CRF) development
  • Site audits for data integrity
  • Clinical/medical coding with industry standards (MedDRA, ICD, etc.)
  • Data validation and query resolution using Clarity Stack clinical technology
  • Data cleansing and quality assurance auditing
  • Complete management of EDC audit database
  • Project-specific data dictionaries
  • Reconciliation of external data
  • Data preparation for statistical analysis including derived variable creation and SAS programming

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