Data Sciences - End-to-end data management

At LIFEGENE, we provide full clinical data management services—from the creation of data collection forms and standards through provision of high-quality, submission-ready data that meets industry standards. Our focus is to deliver high-quality, accurate data, while maintaining rapid timelines.
Our team has experience and expertise in early clinical research and development, overseeing all clinical trial data management for your study from beginning to end. We work with internal and external sites and monitors to review, trend, query and clean data on an ongoing basis. Our robust processes, SOPs and technology allow us to deliver ongoing feedback on entry and monitoring. As a result, we provide transparency so you can make data-driven decisions to move your clinical program forward.

The latest technology for data compliance

The company has focussed on state-of-the-art technology and systems across all functional areas to provide clients with the most effective processes. Medidata, Tableau and Medrio are just some of the technology partners.
LIFEGENE offers globally accepted data from an established clinical trial ecosystem, that includes world-class PIs and Sites that are able to rapidly access specialized patient groups.


  • Complete visibility and management throughout the project life cycle
  • Affordable, flexible electronic data capture (EDC) and study management software
  • EDC implementation best practices
  • Project management to ensure data quality and successful study completion
  • Case report form (CRF) development
  • Site audits for data integrity
  • Clinical/medical coding with industry standards (MedDRA, ICD, etc.)
  • Data validation and query resolution
  • Data cleansing and quality assurance auditing
  • Complete management of EDC audit database
  • Project-specific data dictionaries
  • Reconciliation of external data
  • Data preparation for statistical analysis including derived variable creation and SAS programming